Great Wine Estates offers the United Kingdom’s on-trade and off-trade a direct, consolidated supply chain to iconic & award-winningregionally authenticorganic & sustainablehandcrafted & family-owned – international wine estates.   With embedded sales, customer service, storage and handling that disrupts the narrowing UK importer-distributor model.

Each label is family-owned with an intrinsic respect for cultural heritage, local traditions and nurturing their estate for the next generation. Each invests in a legacy of genuine quality, rather than short-term commodification.

Great Wine Estates is a collection of expressive, site-specific wines from idiosyncratic, independent wine producers with an eye on the future and reverence for the past. Just the kind of wines to put the story on your wine list.

Great Wine Estates has been designed to bring the story to your wine list, addressing the movement toward food and wine origin, sustainability, vineyard-to-table traceability and thoughtful consumers.

GWE offers deep background on the origin story, producer character, regionality, site and vineyard profile, technical notes, vintage, sustainability, viticulture and winemaking and awards – with WSET Approved Programme Provider wine education to convey the story to staff.

Foundation partners Lynne Levin and David Levin MBE – with deep experience in British hospitality and their own certified organic, family-owned, Loire Valley domaine LEVIN Wines – have begun to assemble a portfolio of like-minded collaborators.